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It is with great sadness that the Lake Campus has learned of the passing of Rachel Doseck. Rachel was a Communication Studies Major at both WSU’s Lake and Main Campuses, and very active in student organizations. Rachel had received her second heart transplant this past January.

Because of her experiences, Rachel was a passionate advocate of organ donation. Those interested in supporting this important cause and making a difference can register by visiting


Coming to an end…

The students had a busy week!  They finished up their classes, participated in a robotic challenge, had some final meetings and packed to come home!  They will be arriving back in Ohio later tonight!  

Below are some pictures from a bike trip the group took!





A Look Back

Below is a reflection from student Jordon Coffman about their first week in Germany.


We have made it through our first week in Jena, Germany. We have already had many experiences. We arrived in Frankfurt, Germany on June 1st, and we traveled by train to Jena. For most of us, that was the first time traveling by train. When we arrived in Frankfurt, we were greeted by two students name Stefon and Bastian. 


Bastian is shown in the picture above on the train ride from Frankfurt. 

They showed us to our hotel, and have taken us to many places in the city. We finally got to our hotel and immediately got rid of our luggage. Upon arriving at the hotel we realized that there had been a miscommunication. They had 6 of us sharing beds. We fixed that problem very quickly. 

The first weekend in Jena we relaxed and learned how to ride the public transportation system. We also learned where to get the best ice cream and food. We learned that we definitely needed a few German language lessons after traveling around Jena. 

Classes started on June 3rd. We have been taking three classes. Our German class was the first class we were in. We were all a little shocked when the professor started speaking German and didn’t stop. She spoke German the entire lecture. At first we did not like this technique, but over the past three lectures we have learned to appreciate it. We have been picking up a lot of German quickly. 

We also have a class on Microcontrollers. This class is very interesting. We built a robot and will begin programming it next week. 


The robot built for Microcontrollers is shown above. 

Our final class is Electrical Drives. This class has proven to be very difficult for us because it is closely related to the electrical portion of engineering. We all like the mechanical portion a lot better. We can see that our professor, Dr. Dittrich, is very passionate about the subject though, and very willing to help us understand. 

We have also had a lot of fun and cultural experiences here so far. We were able to relax and go bowling after classes on Wednesday, June 5th. The bowling alley was actually located in a bar/restaurant/motel. It was a very interesting business. 


Our bowling experience is shown in the picture above. 

We have eaten at many German restaurants, and they have all been fantastic. Our only bad experience with food was at a pizza restaurant. We have also had tours of the Optics Museum, and Carl Zeiss Company. 


Our tour of Carl Zeiss is shown above with Professor Dittrich (left) and our tour guide (right). 

We have learned a lot about the history of the Jena, and have received a lot of culture. We also saw a musical presentation and light show in a planetarium. The musical was completely Queen, and it was a very good presentation. 

We look forward to our trips to Weimar, Buchenwald, and Erfurt this weekend. We hope everything is going well back in the states and we will see you soon! 

Work Hard, Play Harder!

The group is busy during the week spending time in class and in the lab.  They also took a trip to Rodding to visit the Crown Factory.

They are finding time to travel on the weekends.  Places they have visited include Buchenwald Concentration Camp, Durnberg Castle, Neuschwannstein Castle and Austria.



First Week Coming To An End

The group is wrapping up their first week, and it looks like their trip is off to a great start! 


Notice the coats and hats? It is a little colder in Germany!





Out to dinner. Image


The cafeteria at the university.  Meals are very inexpensive at the school.Image

Optics Museum





Flat escalator in the mall.



Learning the bus system.




Time for work…Aaron Freeman soldering in the lab!Image


Jordon Coffman still smiling..even while working!


Working on robots.Image

Jena, Germany

They made it! They will be staying in Jena, Germany (pronounced ye-na) and will be studying at Ernst-Abbe University of Applied Sciences.  While there, the students will be studying engineering, learning the German language and culture, and traveling.  It has been raining in the region for the past 2.5 weeks and there as been some flooding.


The students traveled to Germany with Dennis Hance, Lecturer of Mechanical Engineering. Students are shown exploring the streets of Jena.  From left: David (John) Neiferd (Van Wert); Brad Pontius (Rockford); Eric Wuebker (St. Henry); Aaron Freeman (New Bremen); Jordon Coffman (Rockford); John Will ((Celina); Bill Winner (Maria Stein).



Jena is located in east-central Germany and has a population of approximately 100,000.  



ImageThe group will be staying in a hotel.  View from their hotel balcony.Image

Hello Blogging World

The Lake Campus of Wright State University has decided to create a blog to keep students, staff, faculty, and community members informed.  We currently have a group of engineering students in Germany for 30 days.  We hope to keep you updated about their trip on this blog!Image